Transferring out

A Revolutionary Approach

The message is simple:

‘If you’re a high earner, you could be better off transferring out of your final salary pension scheme.’

In business, risk assessment has become a way of life. Who can forget the outcry following the sub-prime mortgage fiasco!

But culture dictates you leave your retirement income in the hands of pension trustees and rely on the company behind your pension staying in business.

There is another way…

Treat your pension as an asset

For years both you and your employer have paid money into a fund that was supposed to provide you with a good standard of living during your retirement. This fund is rightfully and legally yours. It’s an asset that could be worth more than your house. What you can’t control is its future value.

The good news is that with professional help you can take control of this fund by transferring it to a scheme that you do control. Furthermore, your spouse won’t have your pension reduced by half when you die, neither will your children be left with nothing from your pension when you are both gone.

You earned it so don’t let anyone take it away from you.

Take control of your wealth

With our professional guidance, when you transfer out of your final salary pension scheme into a personal pension scheme you can dictate where and how it is invested. Your pension fund will not be used to subsidise someone else’s pension.

When you die your pension fund survives intact to be used in whatever way your benefactors decide. Your spouse could continue to draw a pension or could access 100% of the fund. This is not an option with a final salary scheme.

Your Pension Investment Managed

If you choose to invest your pension fund in a new personal pension we can help you select a range of investments that suit you and provide a healthy balance between growth and long term security.

Constant monitoring of fund performance means we can immediately alert you of significant market changes. This, coupled with face to face review meetings and monthly tracking, will give you on-going reassurance of your future financial security.