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At age 57 Bill was made redundant and approached us when he had just enough money to cover his next two months of living. He was using liquid capital to service a large mortgage, had sold almost all of his investments and the rest of his wealth was tied up in his property and his pension.

Finding alternative employment was proving very difficult. Redundancy had killed his financial plan and expectations.

What We did

  • Having analysed Bill’s financial situation it was clear he was asset rich but cash poor and unable to access his financial assets. One key asset was his final salary pension from his former employer. A transfer value was established, numbers were crunched and our pension expert Nicola Downs made her recommendations to Bill which he adopted. As well as designing a portfolio to preserve capital and providing the flexibility to access pension income when required the following measurable results were achived:

MEASURABLE RESULTS (In just 8 weeks)

  • Reduced Bill’s mortgage outgoings from £3,000 per month to £240 per month
  • Put £30,000 in the bank for personal cash flow for immediate living expenses
  • Increased pension income in retirement by 58%. Pension increased from £50,613 pa to £80,075 pa
  • An extra tax free cash sum of £86,577
  • His spouse benefits from £75,161 pa income instead of £32,560 pa
  • His spouse could take lump sum in the event of his death of up to £1.2m
  • Added £540,000 to estate free of inheritance tax to the children

Client comments

“Having been made redundant a couple of years earlier my future security was under threat as I continued to draw on my investment capital. Trentham Invest was recommended to me by an ex-colleague as an organisation which would work with me to develop a financial plan to maximise my resources.

Following his advice I arranged to meet with Nicola and the team and was immediately impressed by their no-nonsense approach and ability to cut through the red tape in order to deliver results quickly. Within just a couple of months I not only regained peace of mind but also have a personal financial strategy that puts the needs of my family and me first.

I have no hesitation in recommending Trentham Invest to anyone looking to make more effective use of their assets. In fact I already have”!

Bill F.