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Decoding your pensionIf pension documentation looks like it was created by an Enigma machine, think of the information we provide our clients as ‘Ultra’ (codename for deciphered intelligence – see Wikipedia to find out more).

While the principle of a pension is easy enough to understand the detail can seem like it’s in a foreign language. Many IFAs also avoid being sucked into complex analysis of pension options, preferring to take the advice of an automated decision making process rather than making a decision themselves. This is where we are different.

Every pension is different

Just like an Enigma message, every pension is different even if it’s from the same provider. You can’t apply the same set of rules from one pension to the next. Understanding this principle means we treat every client as an individual.

Our specialist team analyse the detail of the options and relate this to the circumstances and lifestyle requirements of the client before making a confident and fully compliant recommendation in a simple to understand format: plain English and a helpful diagram.

Our clients then enjoy the peace of mind that comes from making such a well informed decision.

There’s no guess work in our advice.

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